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03 October 2014

Stitched up

At lunchtime, four of us walked over to the quilting exhibition at Shed 11 on Queens Wharf.

The quilt to the right was not part of the exhibition. It was a quilt made by a participant in the Shut-in Stitchers programme at Arohata Prison.

The programme, which has been going for 20 years, sees two (see update, below) Wellington women share their love of quilting with Arohata inmates. As this article and video clip explain, the programme gives the women the chance to work together, to learn a new skill, and to make something they are proud of.

The quilt I photographed was a first for its creator, but she is now working on another to give to a family member.

Shut-in Stitchers is supported by gifts from quilters and quilting shops, and by raffles to raise funds. So if you are in Wellington, make your way to Shed 11, and buy a ticket in the raffle that supports Shut-in Stitchers.

UPDATE: From an email sent by a quilter friend of my quilter friend: "Both June and Janet would be quick to point out that they are not the only tutors in the programme. Each of them leads a team of tutors from across the Wellington Region and a variety of quilt groups, not only Wellington Quilters' Guild. Sometimes as many as ten tutors are involved in the two classes that are run each Saturday."

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