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16 September 2014

Clear concise disclosure that people can understand

All the world over, ordinary investors face the problem of understanding what investment offers. In New Zealand, the Financial Markets Authority has published some guidelines demanding plain English in investment documents.

Similar authorities overseas also see clear language as a priority. Witness this article from the Wall Street Journal:
To Be Clear, SEC Reviewers Want Filings in Plain English, Period

Here's a taste:
Most of Corp Fin's inquiries tackle tougher topics. But simplifying language to be better understood by investors is also a serious goal.
Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt made clarity a career mission, prompting the agency in 1998 to publish an 83-page "Plain English Handbook" that still circulates today.
"What we are getting to is clear and concise disclosure that people can understand," said Shelley Parratt, Corp Fin's deputy director for disclosure operations.

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