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08 January 2013

The good news about 2012

We read some great news to start 2013. According to The Spectator, 2012 may have been the greatest year in human history.

From a global perspective, prosperity, economic equality, and life expectancy have grown. There is less poverty and disease. There have been fewer deaths in wars in the past decade than at any time in the previous century.

Gerry McGovern comments that in a media-saturated world, it's easy to sell a story about a horrific car crash. A story about 100,000 people driving safely to work would get fewer readers.

The Spectator's article offers good news that usually flies under the radar. You'll see that their piece attracted flaming comments. But take a look. It could give you a brighter perspective on the year ahead.

Why 2012 was the best year ever

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