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01 February 2013

Moving to client-centred writing

Good ideas unite people. The international plain language network is a group of people who know that plain language is good for business. And they’re generous about sharing their knowledge. This week, Gerry Galacio from the LinkedIn Plain Language Advocates group shared a list of seven case studies and resources, when a member asked how an organisation can manage the change to client-centred writing.

One of Gerry’s case studies was an article by Write’s Christine Smith, ‘Leaving Legalese Behind’ (Clarity Number 61 May 2009, 29–32). Christine tells how AJ Park, a New Zealand intellectual property law firm, started and maintains its plain language programme. In 2013, Christine is still helping our clients change their writing culture, and AJ Park remains committed to clear communication.

Read Christine’s article on pages 29–32 at

And look out for more stories from Write in Lynda Harris’s book due out this year. The book will capture the change model and the stories of several organisations that have successfully developed a plain language culture.

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