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08 August 2013

Emails and letters are your 'front desk'

Our clients have recently been asking for guidelines and workshops on email and letter-writing. They recognise that emails and letters are the ‘front desk’ of their business — where readers get their first or lasting impression.

A recent article in the New York Times points out the risk of underestimating the power of emails and letters to make that impression a good one.

Think of your reader before you ‘send’ or post your message. Is the subject line helpful? (Letters need one too.) Is the action up front and clear? Most of all, consider the tone of your message. Tone is the sum of all parts of an email or letter — the way it looks and the way the reader feels; the order of information in your message, and the words you choose to say it.

Have a look at ‘How misinterpreted are your emails?’ on The Workforce Watercooler website

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