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01 July 2014

Do you battle chaos? Do you go far enough?

This swirl is a 'Mandelbrot set' -
order generated from chaos

Do you spend your life battling the forces of chaos? Probably. But can you do it faster? Better?

Senior executives unravel chaos. They keep the huge machine of their organisation running in synch at high speed.

Team leaders unravel chaos. They turn complex plans and demanding targets into results, while managing the personalities, strengths, and challenges of their teams.

Advisors unravel chaos. They take a bristling to-do list with competing priorities and turn it into services, reports, and outcomes.

Designers unravel chaos. They lower our blood pressure and frustration. Applying the discipline of user testing, they hone everyday products and services which don't make us go ‘wha…?

But underlying the order, chaos may still be lurking. Snarled sentences and impressive but incomprehensible jargon slow the work for all of us.

Cut the chaos in what you write and say. You'll cut through the rest of the chaos much sooner.

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