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19 August 2014

Drawn Together — a new way to enrich meetings, workshops, and much more

We are all communicators — we aim for an effective exchange of ideas and information. Common communication methods include meetings, workshops, and events, which many of us organise. So I want to let you know about a new way you can enrich and easily recall any group discussion. It’s called graphic recording.

Graphic recording is very popular overseas and some of you may have experienced it at conferences. Now you can have access to this effective communication resource locally, with Drawn Together, a company that’s been established in New Zealand.

What is graphic recording? It’s recording a group discussion visually, so that everyone can immediately see and remember what they have said.

How does graphic recording enrich meetings and workshops? Graphic recording can describe complex issues simply and involve people more fully in group discussions. Because it’s collaborative, participants:

  • are more active
  • understand each other more easily
  • are more creative
  • remember discussion and concepts better.

Drawn Together has been set up by Linda Gilbert, a qualified lawyer, facilitator and trained artist. Linda’s skills enable her to listen deeply so she can visually capture your meeting or workshop on the spot.

After an event Linda can also develop the graphic record and put it into other formats, such as posters and infographics.

Linda’s website describes graphic recording in more detail and explains how you might use it. It also includes some great examples of graphic recording in the photo album. Have a look

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